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Laura Mastriano - DIY, Events

Laura Mastriano

For more than 15 years, Laura Mastriano has been coordinating, planning, and creating memorable weddings and special occasions through her company, L.A. Productions Events. The former TV reporter and producer brings her organizational and creative skills to every event she touches.

Often referred to 'LI's best kept secret', Laura is one of the most sought after event planners in the region. Her focus, creativity and endless drive allows her to think outside of the box, producing and executing amazing, one-of-a-kind events.

Her mission in planning your celebration is to offer a new perspective infused with a client's individual style. She appreciates that every client is unique and works tirelessly so every event is a handcrafted experience.

Laura and her team of event consultants handle every event with attention to detail. She likes to treat her clients as if they are her family. She goes the extra mile and will do whatever it takes to make their dream event a reality.


Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling - Smiles & Beauty

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling

After Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling completed her DMD degree and orthodontic residency at Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 1996, she assumed a professorship at her alma mater becoming the first female Director of the Predoctoral Orthodontic Department.

Dr. Fulop-Goodling has taught over 5000 dental students, residents, dentists and their teams in mulitpile areas of orthodontics, throughout the world. She has several U.S. and International patents issued of which two are dentally related.

After presenting a four year double blind study on identical twins treated with conventional orthodontic versus Invisalign orthodontic treatment, Dr. Fulop-Goodling was asked to join Invisalign's National Speaker's Bureau, which she is an active member.

In 2005, Dr. Fulop-Goodling became Invisalign's National Spokesperson for an improved hygiene campaign. In 2007, she became one of the top 10 Invisalign doctors worldwide and was inducted into Invisalign's Premier Elite Club, awarded to the top 1% of providers.

Due to extensive research with ortho-orthosurgical cases, Dr. Fulop-Goodling is currently spending time conducting research utilizing Invisalign in conjunction with mini-screws. She is a member of the American Assocation of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists. She co-founded the Female Dental Academy of Long Island and is a member and has helped organize several local dental study clubs in NY. Dr. Fulop-Goodling currently practices in the NY Metropolitan area with her main offices in Midtown Manhattan (Park Ave. & 40th St.) and Woodbury, Long Island (40 Crossways Park Dr.).

Dr. Fulop-Goodling has treated over 1000 Invisalign patients and is currently ranked 7th in the world.


Past Correspondents (2009 - 2016):


Janette Barber - Nutrition

Janette Barber

In addition to being a six time Emmy award winning producer and writer, Janette Barber is a celebrity chef and healthy eating expert.

Janette is a former TV Food Network host. She has been a spokesperson for Molly McButter where she created original low fat recipes and healthy eating tips for their website and ad campaigns. Janette wrote a year-long recipe column in the famed cook book section of First for Women Magazine, “Winning at Slimming with Janette.” Janette is spokesperson and celebrity chef for EyeCare America where she created healthy recipes for their recent “Feast Your Eyes on This” campaign. Currently Janette is in development with Elm Technologies on creating a web-based, artificially intelligent, interactive Healthy Eating software guide. An avatar version of Janette, herself, will host the guide and interact with users to help them develop better, healthier eating habits.

Janette has lost over 100 pounds and has maintained that loss for over twenty years largely by learning new ways to make favorite recipes so that they tasted fattening and decadent but were instead actually healthy. This was the concept behind her TVFN show, “Lighten Up! with Janette and Christina,” which she co-hosted and co-produced with Martha Stewart producer, Christina Deyo. Janette believes firmly that an endless number of today’s problems can be solved standing right in your kitchen. Start there for anything from stretching the budget, to losing weight, to lowering cholesterol to preventing diabetes. It all starts in your own refrigerator.

Janette’s background is in daytime television. She was the head writer and supervising producer on The Rosie O’Donnell Show where she was also an on:air regular for all six seasons . Janette was Hot Topics writer on ABC’s The View, and was a regular on The Wayne Brady Show (as a healthy cooking expert.)

Janette Barber is a former stand up comic and she is the co-author of the USA Today Bestseller, “Breaking the Rules, Last Ditch Tactics for Landing the Man of your Dreams” (Career Press.) In June of ‘08 she released her newest book of humorous self esteem and empowerment for women called “Embracing Your Big Fat Ass” (Atria), both co-authored with Laura Banks.

Janette is an Ambassador at Large for Medical Missions for Children and can be seen in her weekly video blog


John Basedow - Fitness

John Basedow

John Basedow is the creator of the best-selling Fitness Made Simple video series, which has helped to improve the bodies and lives of thousands of men and women. From starting out in his parent’s basement to being seen on television sets across the country and deemed a “pop culture icon” by the media, John’s journey is an American dream come true “rags to riches” story.

Fueled by an undying persistence and his personal motto “believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything”, John has achieved international recognition and created a media empire with Fitness Made Simple, which includes DVD's, CD’s, supplements, and infomercials all aimed at raising awareness about the importance of making fitness a part of your life.

John has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows as well as in print media ranging from the Los Angeles Times to the National Examiner. In fact, The New York Times places him alongside NASCAR and figure skating in the contemporary pantheon of “great American sports television phenomena” and Muscle & Fitness Magazine named him the top infomercial star of the past 20 years. John is a frequent guest on FOX News Channel and a regular on the popular Sirius/XM Radio program "Covino & Rich," where he answers listener questions on nutrition, exercise, and motivation topics each month. John also speaks at the prestigious NAVEL Wellness Expos, which take place twice a year in New York.

In addition to being a model that's graced the pages of just about every major exercise magazine, John's also a widely respected columnist whose written articles for over a dozen publications. He stars in the new reality series, John Basedow TV, which is based on his life. Building on his nationwide popularity, John Basedow TV is a "feel good" show that delivers John's positive message for your body and mind…in a creative, engaging way with a rare mix of inspirational and comedic elements.

In September 2007, John was signed as a spokesmodel for Chamonix Skincare and is now featured in advertisements for their new Th-121 product. John’s first book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power To Change Your Body & Life, published by literary powerhouse McGraw-Hill, highlights his complete exercise and nutrition program, which provides an exact blueprint for attaining your ultimate physique, along with details of his own personal success story.

John is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and has led their annual Heart Walk for the past three years. He also works with various other charities, including the American Diabetes Association which gave him an award in 2008, and motivates people of all ages, from teenagers to grandparents, to follow their dreams with his popular Power To Change Your Body & Life Seminars. As John says, “If you can think it, you can do it. Don’t listen to negative people. If you focus on your goals, work hard and never quit, you can achieve anything.”


Robert Basso - Business

Robert Basso

Robert Basso is an entrepreneur with an eye for opportunities and the resourcefulness to turn them into successful ventures. During his career he has founded Advantage Payroll Services and is a founding investor in the Empire National Bank. Empire National Bank is a community bank based on Long Island, New York, which opened its doors in early 2008. The bank offers services designed to not only meet, but exceed Long Island’s small business expectations. Rob is presently working on a business television series pilot and writing book about how to be grow and operate a successful small business.

Rob has distinguished himself as a dynamic and innovative business professional. He is the co-owner of Advantage Payroll Services Long Island. Advantage Payroll Services is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized, cost-effective service to clients in the New York metropolitan area. Over the past 14 years, Rob has built the company into one of the premier payroll, tax-filing and processing firms in the region. Advantage provides service to more than 2,500 businesses and processes thousands of checks every week.

Rob is the host of Basso on Business, a monthly program that features innovative entrepreneurs. Rob visits businesses and discusses with owners the challenges they face and the secrets of their success. Rob and a team of experts provide ideas and solutions to help these successful businesses become even stronger. In combination with Basso on Business in 2010, Rob launched “Working Lunch With Rob Basso” an innovative lunch series designed to educate, inspire and “feed the entrepreneurial spirit.” At each luncheon the latest Basso On Business program is premiered and experts discuss business building strategies with business owners.

Rob is known as a savvy marketer and business advocate. He regularly authors articles in publications discussing business issues. Rob has been featured in nationally run articles in the Associated Press, Time Magazine, Entrepreneur and Entrepenuer.com. He is frequently interviewed by Newsday, The New York Times, Long Island Business News, Business LI and other publications. He has also been a guest on WLIE’s Business Talk This Morning, WLUX’s Long Island Money and Business. Rob’s business tips and solutions have also be included in several small business books.

Rob is the recipient of many business awards. In 2009 he received the honor of being named the valedictorian of the Long Island Business News’ 40 Under 40 Class of 2002. This award recognized the exceptional contribution he has made to the Long Island business community since being named one of Long Island’s Top 40 business leaders under the age of 40 in 2002. In 2008 Advantage was a finalist in New York Enterprise Report’s Business Awards Program. In 2006 Advantage received the Chase Best in Business Award from the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. Because of his active participation with business and charitable organizations, his alma mater, Hofstra University, gave him the University’s Young Alumni Award in May of 2002. In 2005, Rob fought in the second annual Long Island Fight for Charity. Dubbed by Newsday’s AJ Carter as the “Hardest Puncher of the Night,” Rob and the Fight for Charity raise over $80,000 for local not-for-profit organizations.

Rob is a supporter of many charities and business organizations. He is a founding board member of the Long Island Elite and served on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island. Rob is an active member of many organizations including the National Network of Accountants, Advancement for Commerce and Industry, Long Island Association, Listnet, National Conference of CPA Practitioners, the Huntington Chamber of Commerce Regional Business Partnership and Hauppauge Industrial Association. Rob is a recognized business leader and frequently offers presentations and seminars to professional groups, business owners and students.

Rob, his wife Mary Beth and their son Nicholas and daughter Skylar live in Huntington, New York. Rob has a passion for snowboarding, motorcycle riding and sports cars.


Laura Benko - Home and Garden

Laura Benko

Laura Benko has been working as a Feng Shui Consultant for the past eight years. She has trained and mentored with many Feng Shui Masters and is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Laura has Feng Shui’d everything from the largest private residence in Manhattan to a trailer in the Florida Keys. She writes a monthly newspaper column, is a regular contributor to several home and decorating magazines, teaches feng shui at several colleges, consults major corporations and has lectured around the country.

Laura's approach of synthesizing intuition, design, psychology, creativity and environmental knowledge has enabled her clients to experience their natural potential in a balanced and supportive environment.


Fran Capo - Adventure

Fran Capo

Dubbed “Fast Talker Extraordinaire” by the Associated Press, Fran Capo doesn’t mind if you call her motor mouth. In fact, she’s proud of it! Fran Capo is The Guinness Book of World Records fastest talking female clocked at 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds. That’s 11 words a second! Her record also appears in several Ripley's Books, & in Believe the Unbelievable.

Her fast-talking, boundless energy, down to earth approach makes her easy to relate to and a fun quick-witted TV guest. She has appeared on over 350 TV shows including; Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Inside Edition, ET, Ripley's Believe it or Not, More than Human ,Martha Stewart and CNN where her segment was voted top 5 watched.  She’s been heard on over 4500 radio shows including Howard Stern, Bloomberg news and Martha Stewart.

As a comedienne, Fran Capo has performed in major comedy clubs from Dangerfield’s in NY to the Tropicana in Vegas to  Okinawa for the Marines. With her own novelty rap record, Rappin Mae, she toured with LL Cool J and the Fat Boys.

On the corporate front, Capo is sought after not only as a motivational speaker and spokesperson but also as a featured author.  Her topics include: Dare to Do it, The Secrets of Publicity, Success Made Simple, Humor in Business Speaking and Creativity in Marketing

Fran's commercials use characters ranging from a judge to the world’s oldest customer. She's been a spokesperson for: Nissan, Pitney Bowes, Expedia.ca, Papa John's Pizza, GE Capital, IBM, 1-800-Flowers, Perdue, Snickers Marathon Energy Bars, Auntie Anne Pretzels, Chock Full of Nuts, & Gain detergent.  She was also the voice on the National XM-Sirus Commercial. 

As an actress & voiceover talent Fran’s appeared in cartoons and films including; Lonely in America with Spike Lee; in the Sundance Film Festival winner, Sunday; Signs of the Crosswinner- Long Island International film festivals for best picture, 4000, Just Laugh & Breakiing & Entering. 

Authors have profiled Fran in their show business books including, Comic Lives by Betsy Borns and Revolutionary Laughter by Roz Warren. As a freelance writer, her motivational and adventure stories appeared in Caribbean Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, the Random House book, Life’s a Stitch, plus she’s in over  99 pages of featured articles on the Internet.

As an adventurer Fran has bungeed, swam with sharks, flown combat aircraft, driven race cars, eaten fire & chased tornados. Her other 4 world records: Highest booksigning -Kilimanjaro; Deepest booksigning - wreck site of Titanic; Most patients seen in 2 days; 21, 695. Fastest theme song to national airplay.


Jenn Copp - Event Correspondent

Alyssa DiLello - Pet Power

Alyssa DiLello

Alyssa DiLello attended Hunter College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in media. At The Tyra Banks Show, Alyssa contributed her talents in production by assisting in the field and in the studio. Her background also includes her work in radio at New Yorks hit radio station Z100, assisting in web production. A Long Island native, Alyssa appreciates living in the middle of some of the most beautiful beaches and the greatest city in the world. A big animal lover, Alyssa spends her spare time helping shelter animals find homes and enjoys spending time with her own pets.


Steve Engelmann - Going Green

Steve Engelmann

Steven Engelmann is a nationally certified renewable energy designer and practitioner. He brings years of design and installation experience in the solar energy industry after extensive coursework in the field, completing renowned programs at the Florida Solar Energy Center and Farmingdale University in NY.

He is also a National Sustainable Building Advisor certified by the Sustainable Building Advisor Institute, a USGBC (Green Building Council) approved education provider. He has wide expertise in optimizing whole building efficiency using an integrated system approach to reduce energy costs, use less virgin building material, reduce waste and maintaining sustainable building sites.

The ‘Live It Up’ Go Green segment will help Steven to create awareness about the impact that each of us has on our environment, and attainable ways that we can more positively benefit the ecosystem that we are all a part of.


Christine Fee - Wellness Correspondent

Christine Fee, Founder and CEO of Christine Fee Wellness, LLC has partnered with her daughter, Courtney, to educate people about the benefits of a restful night’s sleep and teach individuals how to achieve high-quality sleep through their revolutionary wellness line Good Night, Sleep Right. It features a DVD program of light stretching, soothing music, guided imagery and aromatherapy oil. It also includes a CD to help those who wake up in the middle of the night.

Christine has been an aerobics instructor and personal trainer to Garden City residents for over twenty years. Her client list includes “All My Children” and “Dancing with the Stars” celebrities Susan Lucci and Cameron Mathison.


Harlan Friedman - Sports

Harlan Friedman

In addition to his correspondent role on the Donna Drake Show, Harlan hosts a weekly radio show called Sole Free, a show that talks about sneaker, art, fashion and pop culture and plays the music influenced by it. Harlan Friedman hosted a similar show on the legendary WLIR radio in New York where he boasted the number one rated show on the station and was integral in helping break the careers of artists such as Coldplay, Maroon 5, Taking Back Sunday, Ryan Star, Phantom Planet, Good Charlotte, Matthew Koma and a host of others on the east coast. "Breaking new music while paying homage to the originators is one of my greatest joys in life. To have another opportunity to do so on such an innovative platform while talking about the incredible hype beast culture that has taken over the world is a dream come true for a creator. We are living in an exciting time where the lead singer from N.E.R.D. (Pharrell Williams) is now designing clothes and accessories for Chanel. Something tells me David Bowie and Andy Warhol are toasting and smiling about this whole movement," says Harlan. Harlan also works in different capacities with some of the countries largest events including the U.S. Open, iHeart Radio Jingle Ball Tour, Tribeca Film Festival and approximately 100 different athletes and celebrities. Follow him on Instagram at HarlanF73 and Sole Free Radio at SoleFreeRadio


Wendy Garfield - Decor

Wendy Garfield

Up and coming designer Wendy Garfield, owner of La Strada – Meuble, Objet, Décor, started her business just a few years ago and is already getting noticed. Wendy was featured twice in The Boulevard (Long Island’s premiere celebrity lifestyle magazine), and more recently in House Magazine, Builder & Remodeler Magazine, and the Long Island Builder’s Institute (LIBI) House & Home magazine. In November 2010, Wendy won the Diamond LIBI award for Interior Design, placing her among the country’s top building professionals.

Unlike other designers, Wendy’s approach to decorating is a unique one. The Montreal native, who is self-taught and who grew up in the business (her mother owns a home décor shop in Montreal), is also a professional opera singer. She performs regularly across Long Island, and has also been heard singing on New York radio.

Wendy applies the same skills from her extensive musical background to design. “There isn’t much difference between singing Opera and designing a room,” says Wendy. “In Opera, we work with color the same way we do in design. We strive for beauty and perfection in very much the same way we strive for these things when designing a space. The composer tells us how to interpret a piece…in design the composer becomes the client. It is then my job to interpret my client’s needs and to create beautiful spaces that seem effortless to implement.”


Anastasia Gavalas - Parenting

Anastasia Gavalas

Anastasia's is a seasoned educator, speaker, author, and mother of five who has developed essential elements and progressive ideas that help parents eliminate unnecessary pressures in modern day parenthood. Her invaluable experience both as a teacher and mother helped her recognize that parents have enough to do these days and need to lessen the pressures in order to live happier. She is a huge proponent of teaching children to be more independent and helping parents discover their uniqueness so they can experience life in a healthy and fulfilling way.
She shares innovative ideas and a straightforward style that puts an end to uncertainty and leads to lasting achievement for everyone. Her sensible advice dismisses practices that hinder progress and encourages people to find personal parenting approaches that support their own potential. Her proven guidance and strategies allow parents to spark new perspectives, overcome challenges, clarify individual strengths, and use effective techniques to launch inspired action for themselves and their children.
Along with being a trusted parent expert, she works closely with progressive companies to build innovative life-work initiatives and supportive environments in the corporate world. As a teacher she works with thousands of children, educators, and administrators in building positive communities that spark an appreciation of diversity. Her wide-ranging experiences bring concrete solutions to schools and reveal incredible opportunities for genuine life-education.
In addition to her multiple academic degrees her professional experiences include working as an educational consultant, speaker, workshop facilitator, national trainer, and past Chairperson of the Nassau County Anti-Bias Consortium, a non-profit organization for middle level educators striving to promote equitable cultures in schools. When sheʼs not speaking or writing, she keeps busy with her husband and children enjoying life in the Hamptons, NY.
In addition to her multiple academic degrees her professional experiences include working as an educational consultant, speaker, workshop facilitator, national trainer, and past Chairperson of the Nassau County Anti-Bias Consortium, a non-profit organization for middle level educators striving to promote equitable cultures in schools. When sheʼs not speaking or writing, she keeps busy with her husband and five children enjoying life in the Hamptons, NY.


Paula Gottlieb Herman - Lifestyle

Wendy Knecht

Paula Gottlieb Herman has three passions in life: family, food, and TV. Food has been a major thread running through her career tapestry. Right after graduating from college, she became the Editor of Key Magazine: This Week in New York where she would write about happenings around town as well as reporting on new restaurants and club openings.

Paula is a former NBC News Production Coordinator, Unit Manager, and Segment Producer for The Sunday Today Show and Weekend Today Show. She produced segments with Al Roker on some of the exotics like Japanese dishes of Fugu (Blowfish) and Wagyu (Hand-Massaged Kobe Beef), kept viewers up on the latest grilling techniques, kitchen gadgets, and more. Paula also coordinated some of the production elements for Martha Stewart's and Paul Prudhomme's cooking segments for The Today Show. In addition to the food-oriented segments, she loved producing other kinds of stories. There were several human interest pieces of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, a celebrity interview of Ben Vereen, a behind-the-scenes look at Cirque du Soleil, and a new technology to stop stuttering.

After working at NBC News for 7 ½ years, Paula launched herself into a career as a Market Researcher. Using the same skillset of going after A-listers, she successfully recruited high-level focus groups and ideation sessions for some of the most influential studies in Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty & Skincare, Luxury Goods, Publishing, Technology, Finance, B2B, Medicine, and Law. Paula also tackled Consumer Studies on people's likes and dislikes of food and beverages. She especially enjoyed executing taste tests for Nathan's Famous, Dunkin' Donuts, Boston Market, Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Pepsi, and Coca Cola.  One of her favorite projects was recruiting respondents to see screenings of the pilot for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Guess the research she collected was correct; Ellen's show would be a huge hit!

Since 2005, Paula has taken on a new role as Chef Paula, inspiring children and adults to have a passion for food. After the death of her parents, she started LilChefs.com Special Events as a way to honor their memory. This new direction was something rather unexpected and an idea that crystalized following her dad's funeral service in 2002. She was offered one piece of advice that literally changed the trajectory of her life. The best way to honor her father's memory was to keep alive traditions that were important to him. She had her Oprah lightbulb moment right then and there at the funeral home.

Food was the answer. Her dad taught her how to read with his copies of Gourmet and Bon Appetit, they used to do father-daughter restaurant reviews just for fun, took cooking classes together, and enjoyed family parties that would showcase her parents' food. Now she would get a chance to pass the rolling pin onto the next generation of li'l chefs.
Chef Paula has been offering cooking parties and workshops from Manhattan to Montauk, Westchester, Rockland, and parts of New Jersey. Her work has been featured on Food Network's Unwrapped, a video on FIOS Push Pause, articles in Newsday, Patch.com, Long Island Parent, Nassau Parent, Suffolk Parent, Parents & Children, The Sag Harbor Express, and Long Island Mamas Network.

In addition to her private events, after-school cooking series, library workshops, adult and corporate events, she has been offering multi-generational public events that bring families together to experience hands-on activities on farms (Fun on the Farm Day), sailing events on schooners (Kids & Rigs Sailing Adventure), nature events (Harry Potter Halloween), and crafting events where she teaches families how to make candy in an I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory.

Since giving back was always something her dad taught her, Paula has worked with many charities and non-profit organizations including American Diabetes Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miracle Foundation, Max Cure Foundation, Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, Long Island Nature Collaborative for Kids, Junior League of Nassau County: Kids in the Kitchen, Nassau County Museum of Art, Oyster Bay Historical Society, and the Science Museum of Long Island. With her extensive experience in working on charity events, Chef Paula has just joined the March of Dimes Event Planning Committee for their upcoming Signature Chefs Auction in October 2014.

One of her proudest moments was creating her Chef Paula's Cookie Sliders for the 2013 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival-Burger Bash. To go with the burger theme, Chef Paula created mini cheeseburgers, fries, and a soda all made out of cookies and candy, cleverly displayed in clear Chinese food takeout containers only two inches high. Host Rachael Ray, all 27 competing celebrity chefs including Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, and Josh Capon, plus celebrity judges Andrew Zimmern, Joe Bastianich, and Geoffrey Zakarian were presented with the edible art. According to festival producers, there was a "positive buzz" about Chef Paula's Cookie Sliders.

Chef Paula has been on a 12.5 year journey of discovery to make peace with the loss of her parents. Now going forward, she will be mixing in her three loves of family, food and TV and producing a new cooking show called Chef Paula's Cooking with Stars. Stay tuned for celebrity recipes, stories, foodie tips and tricks, and advice on how to keep a family legacy alive through your taste buds.

Chef Paula and her wonderfully supportive and talented husband Michael reside in NY.


Wendy Knecht - Lifestyle

Wendy Knecht

Wendy Knecht is the founder of Boomer Hot Stuff, a Facebook site and newsletter she created to give her friends...and their friends... a quick and easy way to find ‘The Best of The Best' products, services and trends.

Always one for innovation, Wendy has invented and designed 14 of her own products, many of which she has licensed to large companies. She holds 2 US Utility Patents, and numerous trademarks, and copyrights. Wendy has also worked extensively with other companies and individuals to develop their products and ideas.

As a product specialist,Wendy has appeared on all the major US and international shopping channels, most notably QVC, where she has sold over 80 products and has appeared hundreds of times.Wendy also launched and hosted “The Fashion Showcase” on Shop At Home Network and served as their Fashion Consultant. She has been the on-air expert in such diverse categories as beauty, fitness, fashion, crafts, organization, outdoor, travel , home health, household products and personal care.

As an inventor and designer, she has marketed her her own line of travel bags designs, organizational and craft products on QVC. Her Beyond A Bag designs have been extremely popular at QVC, and she is currently planning to launch one of the bags on national infomercial.

Wendy loves new and exciting ideas and has a keen eye for ‘hot stuff!’ She is always on the lookout for Great Finds!


Steve Maraboli - Empowered Living

Steve Maraboli

A renowned Speaker, Author, National Radio Show Host, and Personal Coach, Steve Maraboli has risen to national prominence by delivering highly penetrating speeches and effective programs that help people shake off mediocrity, destroy personal barriers, and live up to their greatest potential. His words have helped countless people across the globe align themselves with happiness and create a mindset that attracts success and excellence.

Steve has dedicated his life to the understanding of achievement, empowerment, and personal enhancement. With persistence and determination, he has initiated and continued a process of unending self-education that has distinguished him as an authority on human potential and personal enhancement. His passion to learn and his hunger to realize greatness in himself and others helped him rise from a young Military Policeman to the recognized leader in personal and professional enhancement. Today, Steve is President of A Better Today, Inc., a company that creates and delivers education, self-growth, and empowerment programs currently running in 41 countries.

Steve's national radio show, Empowered Living, has been heard by millions across the globe and has become a meeting place for today's great thinkers and communicators as well as a showcase for his penetrating and effective seminars.


Todd Morena - Wellness

Todd Morena

Todd dedicates his life to the enlightenment of individuals around the world, providing the knowledge to achieve an improved quality of life. As an international celebrity fitness trainer, motivational speaker, executive/life/wellness coach and business executive, Todd is well versed in the personal and business benefits of being and thinking healthy. He has supported thousands of individuals and groups experiencing professional transitions as well as fitness, wellness and personal goals. His philosophy is, in order to be healthy; you must have the correct balance of mind, body and spirit. Todd believes strongly in bringing his clients through both mental and physical workouts.


Marianne Morrison - Beauty

Marianne Morrison

Marianne Morrison began her career as a makeup artist in 1989 with Elizabeth Arden in New York City as a consultant for their makeup clinics in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor and Macy’s Herald Square.

She grew to be in great demand by many clients because of her own Natural Style--- a style that was changing the face of Manhattan. Her talent for making women look beautiful led her to her first network television show, The Rolanda Show.

Since then, Marianne worked with some of the top syndicated TV shows in the industry, such as, The Chris Rock Show. “It was while working with The Chris Rock Show that I realized I was at the top of my game and needed to share my wealth of information regarding tricks and tools of the trade I had learned throughout the years,” says Marianne. Since then, Marianne has been a staff makeup artist for Fox 5 News in New York City with Rosanna Scotto where she was nominated for an Emmy. She was a featured Makeup Artist on Style Court for The Style Network. Marianne had the good fortune to work with such celebrities as Tom Cruise, Larry King, Whoopi Goldberg, Shawn Colvin, Wanda Sykes, Adam Sandler and many others.

While Marianne was taking a break from television makeup, to raise her son, she started working with women on Long Island who were in need of an updated look. Marianne realized the need for a professional makeup artist to help women achieve a natural everyday style. Hence, Natural Style Cosmetics was born.

From her studio on Long Island to Manhattan emerged a community of moms, working women and women with special cosmetic needs seeking to update their day and evening look. Relying on her experience in the television industry, Marianne put together a makeup line for the “everyday” woman and created a line with great coverage and long wearing capabilities. In 2002, Marianne opened her business full-time with great success! She trained in airbrush makeup artistry in Manhattan with the industry leaders and is working with airbrush makeup application in her own business with great popularity. She was flown out to the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas to teach the makeup staff a two day makeup airbrush application seminar. Marianne understands the need to stay on top of all the latest developments in makeup technology. “It is exciting,“ says Marianne, “to be living in a time when conventional makeup application is changing with new technology for a quicker, longer wearing more natural look. I feel very fortunate to have the talent to expand my craft and give women the glamour we all strive for”.


Matt O'Grady - Environment

Matt O'Grady

As a keen advocate for healthy living and for a healthy planet Matt has not only embraces the "Go Green" movement but has fully dedicated his life to being at the forefront
by communicating new discoveries to the masses through various forms of media. He is the co-founder, president and associate publisher of Footprint Media.

His previous experience as a sales executive at Luminary Publishing and Schein Media, along with several years as a marketing associate for Harcourt, Inc. and Candlepower Publishing Co., brought Matt a level of expertise in launching new titles in print and online. Additionally, Matt brings holistic experience as a graduate of Mueller Holistic College and the knowledge of having operated a successful Massage Therapy and Acupressure practice in the San Diego area.


Ed Perez - Diversity

Covering business, ethnicity, community and culture.


Brian Piergrossi - The Big Glow

Brian Piergrossi

Author of 'The Big Glow', Life Coach & Counselor, Spiritual & Meditation Teacher & Poet

At the age of 20 years old, Brian was suddenly struck by a mysterious, debilitating illness, later labeled chronic fatigue syndrome, that lasted for years, leaving him in intense, daily, physical pain and too weak to effectively function in society. When no medical or other authority figure could explain the suffering that was happening to him, Brian made it his life commitment to inquire into human suffering.

What began was over 12 years of committed, serious inquiry, study and personal application into the fields of spirituality, religion, psychology, sociology, cosmology, ecology, health, arts, science, yoga, as well as the core of the enlightenment and self-realization teachings.

After leading a quiet, simple life for over a decade, Brian felt a passionate calling to share his straight forward, timeless, life teachings for the 21st Century in a modern context with those who are ready and interested.

For over 5 years, Brian has dedicated himself full time, professionally, and privately, to supporting the path of transformation, spiritual liberation and Self-Realization in individuals, families and communities around the world with a growing list of testimonials to show for it. http://thebigglow.com/testimonials

His highly acclaimed book, 'The Big Glow: Insight, Inspiration, Peace and Passion', and the viral internet sensation 'Love is the New Religion/Spiritual Conspiracy', continue to inspire new readers worldwide.

He works one on one, by phone, Skype, and in person with influential personal life coaching clients from around the world.

He leads transformative Big Glow retreats, classes and workshops internationally.


Bradford Pine - Finance

Bradford Pine

For well over a decade, Bradford Pine has been fully invested in providing highly personalized financial planning and wealth management services for the affluent investor. He is a wealth advisor/registered principal with Cantella & Co., Inc., a Boston-based broker/dealer that provides service and support to independent representatives. Since 1952, Cantella has been helping individuals and entrepreneurs to create wealth, plan for retirement, and pay for their children’s education. Prior to expanding the New York Region of Cantella, Brad was a Managing Director and founding partner at a full service Wall Street Brokerage firm.

Brad continues to build a reputation of implementing sophisticated investment strategies and comprehensive portfolio management. He examines his client’s financial situations, developing ways to protect their assets and continue to grow their wealth. His approach starts with an analysis of your current financial condition and the identification of long-term goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. After a complete understanding of your financial picture, Brad and his team will select the appropriate investments designed for you.

His investment team consists of seasoned professionals, in which all play an integral role in the handling of every client with the goal of providing a personalized approach. Honesty, integrity, and reliability are the pillars upon which the team is built. The individual attention he gives to his clients often creates a life-long relationship. This is rare in today’s world of Mega Brokerage firms and Global Banks.

A devoted husband and father, Brad was born and raised in Connecticut and currently resides in New York with his wife, Sally, and their children, Abigail and Clayton. He is an avid golfer and enjoys coaching youth sports.

Some of the services Brad and his team offer include:
•Legacy & Estate Plan Strategies • Business Investing
•Wealth Management • College Funding
•Mutual Funds •Retirement Plan Design
•401(k) Rollovers • Asset Allocation


Cori Rist - Fashion & Beauty

Debi Silber - Wellness

Debi Silber

Debi Silber MS, RD, WHC, FDN The Mojo Coach®, CEO of Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. and founder of www.TheMojoCoach.com, is a recognized health, weight loss, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and personal development expert. She's a speaker, coach, consultant and author of 2 books recommended by Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield and many more.

Debi's branded The Mojo Coach® because she's led countless others to achieve their ultimate body, mind, image and lifestyle; inspiring them to "get their mojo back" and transform into their personal and professional best. Her proven COMPLETE Transformation System: Your 5 Step Blueprint to Create Your Ultimate Body, Health and Lifestyle has enabled professionals from all over the world to quickly and finally achieve lasting success in the areas most important to them.

In addition to being a highly credentialed and awarded health expert, Debi has her own line of deliciously healthy Mojo Fuel Bars™ and shakes, is a featured expert on nearly 20 websites and has also contributed to the Dr. Oz show, Shape, Self, Health, Working Mother, Forbes, Psychology Today, WebMD, Yahoo Shine, Ladies Home Journal, MSN, Woman's World and Glamour to name a few.

The Mojo Coach® is THE secret behind some of the healthiest, most influential, charismatic and successful professionals today.


Cristie Woodard - In Home Fun

Cristie Woodard

In June 2002 Plan-it Productions was launched when Cristie Woodard, owner and President, moved back to New York. Cristie previously coordinated major corporate events for a prominent New York City company in the 90's and weddings for a South Florida catering company in the early 2000's so the move back to New York was a calling for her to start her own business.

Plan-it specializes in high-end weddings, corporate and destination events. In an effort to continue growth in the social market Plan-it Productions has become a member of The Association of Bridal Consultants and owner Cristie Woodard stays ahead of the trends by attending industry events and receiving current trade publications. Cristie holds a bachelors degree from Boston College and continues her work education by attending seminars and networking events in the tri-state area and by traveling frequently to Napa Valley where her company has produced several wine events. She lives with her husband Robert, daughter Alexa and operates her business out of Huntington , New York


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Elise Drake - Fine Arts Correspondent



Spencer Patterson - Young Adult Correspondent



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