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Paul Blart 2 Red Carpet Coverage with the LBIFF

Kevin Arbouet and Jezabel Montero

Stage 28

Cheryl Martin

Avi Ezor

Long Beach International Film Festival 2014

David & Francisco from the film The Next Page

Drew Henriksen

Steve Strangio


WILLiFEST is proud to be partnering with the LiVE it UP! TV show. During the annual Williamsburg International Film Festival, host Donna Drake appears live at WILLiFEST’s LiVE it UP! Pavilion, conducting interviews with featured talent in front of a live audience. All interviews and performances are taped for future airings on her TV show. Donna brings twenty years of production and on-air experience that creates a professional and exciting atmosphere at the LiVE it UP!  Pavilion and a unique experience for WILLiFEST attendees.

An early project. Steve Strangio wrote this film with Elise Drake in mind and Donna Drake was one of the producers

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