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Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) From all walks of life, everyone in the world is affected by this moment in time. Is it the end of the world? Is it a temporary inconvenience? Is it a just nice time to spend with your family? Whatever your thought is on what is happening, the control you have is over your personal attitude toward all of it. There are NO sides in this situation. Some of us will stop working. Some of us will need to work. Some of us will be afraid. Some of us will be cavalier. Stay FREE. I do not judge you, nor do I want to be judged. What I'd like is for people to be kind to one another because people thrive and grieve in different ways. For those of you that are Christian, perhaps you'd like to say an act of contrition. An act of contrition inspired by Psalm 51: Lord God, in your goodness have mercy on me: do not look on my sins, but take away all my guilt. Create in me a clean heart and renew within me an upright spirit. Perhaps you would just like to say you are sorry to your neighbor or to a family member for some sort of pain you created at your own doing. Whatever the situation, just do your best to remember LOVE and to remember a happy thought, so on the darkest of days YOU remember the warmth inside your being. Shine on!

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Create a list of all of the places you will visit and the businesses you will support once the crisis goes from the worst point and starts turning the corner back up! We will thrive as a community. Right now, doing nothing, or doing things digitally or virtually is the best solution for us to be able to ride out the storm as quickly as possible. As soon as we receive the ALL CLEAR, let's get the recovery efforts back up to full speed. Make your Summer in The Sun list now... Think of it as the Sears wish book at Christmas when you were a kid. Print out pictures for the vision board. Be mindful that others were already suffering WAY before this virus. Friends and colleagues were already dealing with health issues and family challenges, so be extra kind to them. Call and sing them a song over the phone. Be strong, be diligent, and be kind.  

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Clean Slate. New day. New attitude. Instead of counting the days we have been social distancing or away from the ones we love, away from our colleagues and our businesses, or the fun things we use to do... Instead of counting the days until we get to wherever we think we are going, how about we just keep the number at ONE. The ONE Day we are actually living and breathing. For me, I'm going to start counting each day as ONE. – Drake

Live It Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) - It's okay to cry. I know at times I only post the upbeat, happy, joyful tips because I consider it my responsibility in life to help lift up our spirits, so that we can thrive even in this crisis. Please know that my heart is aligned with so many that have had friends and family members diagnosed, and some of my friends have had family members die. As a business owner I'm concerned for my crew. I'm concerned for all of our livelihoods. However, I do know we are a team... and as a community we will get through this. As a mother I'm concerned for my children. As a daughter, friend, niece, best friend, life partner, etc. With all the roles I play in life... I do cry. I miss everyone so much. I'm here to say that the most I have ever cried was when my mom died while I was pregnant and when my husband Tom died. There are so many now suffering, so if I bring a light heartedness to my posts, or if I focus on business or how we can combine efforts to make things better.... that's how I'm hardwired. It's a coping mechanism, but so is a good cry in the shower... And it's okay to cry. Additionally, to all of the people not living in NY that are taking a moment to text me or call me or send me a Facebook message, YOU all matter and it's been so lovely to have your support.

Healthy Behaviors and Activities

LTFTD Stop being jealous. Stop being competitive. There truly is enough for everyone. Enough clients, enough experiences, enough to go around and come back. Celebrate another's "Gets" and it's very likely they will be willing to share with you. I wish I could go back in time to speak with teachers who taught me to be in competition with others, even from an early age doing math races, and invite them to talk with my teachers who taught me to be collaborative. Turns out I have gained far more success by collaborating than I ever have by trying to one-up someone else. When you realize there is no one left to one-up, you realize how thankful you are to be surrounded by great co-collaborators. All I have and all I do is in thanks to my carefully curated people that are on my canvas of success.

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Addictive behaviors can rise up and cause our everyday functioning patterns to be sidelined. Remember to nurture your mind and body with healthy food, enough sleep, empowering conversations with friends, taking time to put yourself in stress free zones. Self-love conquers self-loathing every time. You are worthy of your journey to thrive, not just survive.

Live It Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Today is a clean canvas to paint whatever you'd like. Meditate on the good things that surround your being. Energy flows where attraction goes. Take at least one deliberate action toward your own happiness today. You deserve to be happy. Give yourself a permission slip to try something new, to reach out to someone you have always wanted to talk to, to mend a fence, to build a bridge, to live the life you have always wished for. It's all in your reach.

Live It Up Tip for the Day! (LTFTD) Your mind is the most powerful tool you have in life. Feed it with knowledge, entertain it with art and music, expand your horizons by being open to new ideas and possibilities, celebrate your journey with good times and good friends. Most importantly, be authentic and honest with yourself and others. The mind will fulfill on its expectations; all things are possible and when you genuinely try they are probable. Love yourself and love others, it's basically that simple. Respect your journey and make magical things happen.

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Want to have life changing moments? Memorable moments that are charged with the essence of LIFE? Curate those moments of time by investing in yourself, infuse yourself directly into that grain of sand in your hourglass of life. The time we get to spend on earth is limited, it's finite. There are no more grains of sand in the hourglass of life than the ones you were born with. Make sure that each grain of sand is worthy to get from the top of your hourglass to the bottom of the hourglass. You are worth the effort. FOCUS. Figure out your consistent unique strengths and celebrate yourself like there is no tomorrow.

Live it Up Tip for the Day- I stand behind every decision I have ever made, right or wrong. Whether it was in my best interest to do so or not do so, I own it. Whether people judged me for my decisions or the choices I made, I own it. I have the capacity to love fully and I do. I hold nothing back. The tip is to be passionate about your life. To embrace the journey and to provide yourself with as many opportunities as you can to live life fully and abundantly. Be thankful for the little things and the big things. Be inclusive, be kind, and share joyfully!

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Sometimes in life we are not given a choice. We have to do the best we can with the cards we are dealt. No one and nothing is ever perfect. We have all been dealt cards that for one reason or another we would select not to have if we didn't have to. Alas, sometimes "it is what it is". Perhaps it's a challenging illness, a challenging in law, a bossy neighbor, a son or daughter that you feel must be from another planet, an X of any sort, a plumbing problem, an old car, a jealous nay sayer, a rock in your shoe, a thorn in your side, a old football injury that now at 40 has you wondering why you ever took the field...whatever the case...fear not. Take the cards you are dealt with today and paste a smiley face over it so that it just appears different to you today. Your mind is a beautiful place to escape any nonsense. Read a book, climb a tree, bring coffee and a doughnut to a neighbors, write a novel, phone a friend, celebrate your life. Do not judge the path of another because you do not know their journey. Do not judge yourself. Just do your best to be calm under all challenges and be kind to one another even when you don't feel like it. – Drake

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) Your life on earth has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Pay attention to the way you walk, talk, respond and create. Pay attention to the way you look, feel, sound and breathe. Pay attention to each step of the way and do your very best to make your day matter not just to yourself, but to others and FOR others.

LTFTD – Remember, LIFE IS ONLY WHAT WE MAKE OF IT! Instead of New Year's being a fresh kick starter for me, it is usually right around my birthday each year that I do a sort of evaluation of what is loving and good in my life, and what is toxic. What works best for me is to make a list of things that make me smile and things that make me upset. Then it's time for spring cleaning and detox. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, you are the only person in the world that can make it better. It's not what others do to us, it's what we are doing to ourselves. Take responsibility for your own actions and don't worry, BE HAPPY!

LTFTD - Don't throw things. Sometimes when I get very upset, I throw things. It's happened about 5 times in my life. Always witnessed and in response to the same person, but nevertheless I thought this tip would be a goodie. I don't know why I think that a dramatic burst of energy is going to get what I want accomplished, all it does it make me look like a ranting goober. Rarely does someone really deserve that display of emotion. Keep yourself in check. Don't let anyone push your buttons to the point of throwing a bottle of water in the street, and the same holds true for our words. If someone is being nasty to us, the best defense isn't always offense, sometimes it's just turning the cheek and quietly exiting the scene. Feel free to dance away in some sort of cha cha cha fashion instead of throwing.

LTFTD - Create your week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Consider making out a menu and figuring out what to eat each night. This way you won't be tempted to dine out as much. Consider scheduling in free time, so that you won't feel burnt out. Consider planning a get together at your place or a park, so that friends can gather and enjoy the simple things in life like laughter. Whatever you chose to do with your week, make sure it serves you well.

LTFTD - Many of you enjoy reading. If you haven't picked up a children's book recently, I suggest you do! The books usually have an upbeat slant, they will make you smile and they will slow your breathing down a bit by turning a hectic moment into 10 minutes of something serene and simple. Have some fun, grab the cookies and milk too!

LTFTD-Today is a good day to send out Thank You notes. When someone does something nice for us we say thank you, but can you remember the last night you put pen to paper and sent an actual note? Take today to do a few things the old fashioned way, mix it up and Live it up. You actually have up to a year to send a written thank you (even for wedding gifts) so instead of thinking it's too late, just get some very cool stamps and do it!

LTFTD - The first day back to work after a long weekend can feel ho hum sometimes. Get ahold of your day by bringing a bit of zest to it. Maybe pack a treat in your lunch. Call an old friend and see if they want to make plans. Go to the library, ride a bike, it's all GOOD! Enjoy, as my friend Helen Zagaro just said to me, every day is an excellent day!

Live it up! Tip for the day! Take fifteen minutes today to be thankful, just thankful. Write down all of the thoughts that come to your mind when you answer the phrase, "I'm thankful for --------!" Sometimes writing a to do list takes our minds into a feeling of void or lack. We are seeking to accomplish a task or obtain something. A list of what you are thankful for shifts your brain into a different state. This will cause you to understand where your efforts, and the efforts of others (including the universe) have brought forth into your reality. I'm thankful for all of my family members. I'm thankful for love that I have received, and so my list begins. Enjoy!

Listen, Live it Up Tip for the Day! (LTFTD) - Be understanding and centered when you listen. Oftentimes we listen to others with our own filters up. We judge what the message is even before the words are out of the person's mouth. Take time today to listen and wait for the meaning behind the words, and not just the sound of the words.

 LTFTD, Live It Up Tip for the Day! - Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold, I learned this when I was a Brownie Girl Scout in troop 465. I'm thankful for my childhood friends. I'm thankful for my friends as an adult. Friendship is something we should not take for granted. Friendships take care. If you miss your friend you should reach out to them and let them know. Do something nice for a friend. Think of their favorite song and call them and play it for them over the phone. There are lots of things you can do to show you care.

Live It Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) - I grew up last night. I stuck up for myself in a way I never thought I could or would. If you wake up one day and discover that you can totally do a 180 about something and it makes you stronger, I suggest you go for it. Break an old belief system and adopt a new one. YOU are your own best friend.

LTFTD - We always dupe ourselves when we think we are solid, we are fluid, so move through space & time! Let no one's negative crap stick to your soul, simply drop it in the woods!

LTFTD – Actions speak loudly. If someone is dark, condescending and scummy, you can't change them. If you someone is light, bright, and empowering, you can't change them. Stick to your OWN kind. There is a reason for both in the world, it's choice.


Confidence and Self-worth

Live it Up Tip for The Day (LTFTD) - Ask for what you want. Push through the fear of receiving a "no". The only way to make anything happen in life is by being a YES for yourself first. I am in the process of inviting guests to the show. I'm putting in the effort. Please join me by doing the same "push through" for yourself on your own journey. Think it, ask it, receive it. Years ago there was a wooden board, and on the face of that board I wrote the words, "National Show" in pink marker. I took the challenge to break the board with my hand, and I broke through. Although the manifestation of that took a few years, it did happen. If I can do this, you can do this. Am I fearful of rejection? Of course I am sometimes, but I am facing my fears and insecurities head on. Bam, crack, ka-pow! I'm breaking new boards today!

Live it Up Tip for the Day (LTFTD) - Success and failure are two sides of the coin. Success is being able to take a failure and flip it over. Some of my biggest failures have turned out to be my best opportunities. Just continue to get back up and remember to smile. Most importantly, celebrate another's success as if it were you own, and if a friend struggles be sure to help them. Life is only what we make of it. If you eat an expensive meal one day and the next day, all you have is eggs in your refrigerator, be thankful for the eggs! The shells and all - Drake


LTFTD- Engage with energy and synergy. Energy is the push or pull we put onto something. Synergy is when two or more forces function together to produce a result not independently obtainable. Needs and wants are ALL obtainable by engaging those two terms. Recently, I went to go see the movie about a Chimpanzee family. There were only two of us in the theater. This entire experience was rather meaningful for me and oddly life changing. The movie is about Oscar and his entertaining approach to life in a story of family bonds and individual triumph. Working together, Oscar's chimpanzee family, including his mom and the group's savvy leader, Freddy, navigates the complex territory of the forest. The world is a playground for little Oscar and his fellow young chimps, who'd rather make mayhem than join their parents for an afternoon nap. However, when Oscar's family is confronted by a rival band of chimps, he is left to fend for himself when his mother dies, until a surprising ally steps in and changes his life forever. Existing in the world as a human isn't much different. I'm not bringing up Darwin for goodness sakes, all I'm stating is that life is simple. We can achieve things alone or we can achieve things together, but NO man is an Island. I chose to be a together kind of person. Use your energy and your synergy to enjoy your life and make it the best expression of SELF in unison with others that you can muster.

Live It Up! Tip for the Day! (LTFTD) - Make your choices YOUR choices. Make your happiness YOUR happiness. Make your fun YOUR fun. It's not about who is around you that makes you happy, it's more about WHO you are being that should bring you happiness, BE YOU!


Love, Relationships and Friendships

LTFTD - Worth it all! When you get somewhere and you get to reconnect with someone that knew you a long time ago, there is an instant bond. It's an interesting dynamic where you realize everyone just does the best they can in life. By looking at certain experiences that didn't go well, you may label them as mistakes, missteps or wrong doings. Time has a beautiful way of reorganizing your mindset, so that with perspective you can clearly see that everyone just does the best thing they can do with the knowledge they have garnered up to that point. I still have a lot to learn, but I look back now on experiences and all I can say is, "Thank You". Thanks for the friendships, the laughter, the competition that made me strive for excellence, the love, the heartbreaks, the jobs where I didn't fit in, the jobs I excelled at, the acting gigs I was cast for, the tears over the deaths of loved ones, the tears of joy from laughing so hard my face hurt. Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Not everything looks like a Norman Rockwell perfect life painting, but then again you are the master artist of your own journey with a paintbrush in your hand. Get out there and paint your life, and enjoy every glorious minute with no regrets, no apologies and no excuses. Proceed on your path! Now is the moment. Do your best and be kind. In the end kindness is the most important color to paint with.

Live It Up Tip for the Day! (LTFTD) Define your heart, write yourself a love letter. Put stickers on it, color it all pretty and hang it on your bedroom door. When you wake up tomorrow and it's Valentine's Day, you will smile knowing that you are complete and someone LOVES you. It's YOU loving YOU and that is a very fine place to start.

Live it Up! Tip for the Day! (LTFTD) - Surround yourself in love and light, and let the rest of the world be warmed by its glow. There is no direct path between the yesterday, the today and the tomorrow, there are only left and right turns. May every turn you make bring you abundant blessings. I am thankful for all of my experiences in life that have allowed me to grow. I'm thankful most of all for my children. I'm thankful for the appreciation of music that came from my mom and dad when they took me to Village Inn Pizza. I'm thankful to the Futures of America singing group. I'm thankful to my family and all the friends that have chosen to be my "family". I'm thankful to my original family that truly gave me the foundation for all that sustains me, and for all that I try to provide to others.


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